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How we can help you

We’re a small team, allowing us to work with great agility and flexibility. We strive to remove all obstacles for you during development and make the whole process smooth, and a lot less bureaucratic. 

Requirement Analysis

We can help you flesh out what you need, and put them into technical terms for you. Making it easier to understand the solution you need to be developed.

Development made simple


We always develop with usability and availability in mind. No matter what you require, we'll make it as simple, as possible, to use, and access for all your users. Whether it's an app for mobile devices, a website or something else, we'll find the best solution for you!

Web Development

Web Development

Do you need a simple one-page website? Do you need a complex website with a huge back-end and high-quality security? Do you need something in-between? We can help, and guide you, and get you to where you want to be.

Mobile development made easy

Mobile Development

We can bring your product into the pocket of all your users, with a mobile app. We all know, most of us have our smartphones on us most times of the day. With an app, your product is within reach of your users at all hours of the day. Help your users, by easing access to your product.

Cloud hosting made simple

Cloud Hosting

We can help you move your current solutions to the cloud. This will make them easy to scale, manage. And will increase accessibility for your users. Whether they're your employees or customers. No more hassle with having to install, or update themselves.

DevOps development


We can help you set up your own DevOps chain. Enabling your developers to work faster and more efficient. All while minimizing the risk of human errors when publishing new solutions. Want to improve your workflow, and increase quality? Let's talk about DevOps!

Help & Support

We understand nothing is more annoying than being stalled by issues outside your control. Should that happen, we're here to help you move forward.

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"We needed someone, who we could trust, and were experts at agile development. Goathamster Studio has been very helpsome in the process from concept to finished product and given valuable input during the process. We're very happy for both the input and product delivered by Goathamster Studio."
Anne-Louise Thon Schur

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